Hajime Tachibana

born in 1951.

In 1973, while at Waseda University, he studied for a year at the Camden Art Center in London.

1974 After his return, he joined the graphic art group called work-shop,"MU!".

1976 Formed a band "Plastics".
1977 Live at Q's Bar.
1978 Masahide Sakuma, Takemi Shima into "Plastics".
1979 First Single "Copy/Robot" from Rough Trade London.

1980 First Album "Welcome Plastics" from Victor Records Japan.

1981 The world releases an album "Welcomeback Plastics" from island record. Went several times of world tours which lasted until 1981.

1982 Started working solo, convert to a sax and, in 1982 after Plastic dissolution, make Yukihiro Takahashi a producer and announce first solo album "H" and "Hm" at this time, play it with own work musical instrument "Alps 1" (one's own musical instrument was produced to 4 as the Alps series).

1984 The third piece album recurred in technopop after "Mr Techie & Miss Kipple".

1985 In the fourth piece album "TAIYO・SUN" and performed a tour with Radical TV use "a break dance training plaster cast" a computer-controled oil pressure cylinder to a body and do a dance other than the Alps series on this tour.

in 1982, on the side, he made original objects and musical instruments. Dealt with Yukihiro Takahashi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Akiko Yano, record jackets such as Talking Heads, a video tape clip, stage art other than the work of own for a graphic designer. In addition, play an active part in the fields such as typographies and win an ADC prize blue ribbon in 1991. Performed at Kawasaki Seitetsu CF in 1985, was involved in both music and art, and received the ACC and Clio awards. He was invited to join the 1st Tokyo International Biennial that year as well. judged the 1986 JAC Japan Illustration Exhibition and was invited to exhibit at the '86 Tokyo Creation. Apply to know the spot of the movie production and appear to an open movie "Last Emperor" with a bit part for 1987 years.

Did the illustration for the cover of the 1989 ADC year- book and designed the 1990 NHK 21 title and logo. Won the top 1991 ADC award. He started the Japan satellite TV broadcast special, "Hajime Tachibana Design" handled the music for "VideoTrack3" and made a solo album "Bambi." hold the first private exhibition "Typography" nationwide in 1992.

Deal with the design of the Swatch artist version in 1995 and announce the plug in "Shinyo Beta" of Adobe Illustrator for Macintosh again.

Form "Hajime Tachibana and Low Powers" with Yumiko Ono and others of eri of existing mother, Baffallo Daughter in 1997 and in charge of a guitar of 5 string irregularity tuning here.

An album announces group exhibition "TENDJAVa" holding of the programming of the JAVA on the Web for 2002 years for cell-phones.

For 2004 years, collaboration "1000 Deathclock in Paris" with Tatsuo Miyajima is winning in Ars Electronica.

In 2007, a setup album announces new band THE CHILL with Gota Yashiki, Chiharu Konno and others.

In 2010, formed PLASTICS again for a short term.

2012 half life *time & place Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth the first half of my life* in facebook.

2013 Music and graphic Design "Monaco" release.